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14th August 2009 Stopgap update, homepage introduction rewritten, links updated for Dr. Hawass's new website and article on the watershaft, news item added to shaft index page about continued exploration of the third level watershaft 'tunnel'.

8th December 2006 News of the upcoming exploration of the Great Pyramid Queen's Chamber shafts added to the Gantenbrink page along with some other revisions.

10th March 2006 Transcripts of an interview with Doctor Hawass on Nile Television, Summer 1999 and his presentation to the National Geographic Institute, Washington D.C.on the 9th December 1999 have been added to page 7 of "The Shaft, The Subway & The Causeway". A transcript of the section of the television programme "Sphinx: Mystery In Stone" dealing with the watershaft and made by ZDF in 2002 has also been added. Be sure to look at the new external links page for a link to some excellent photographs of the third level of the watershaft.

1st September 2004 Phenomena Magazine "Tunnel Talk" article added to "The Shaft, The Subway & The Causeway" as page 9.

6th December 2003 The Egyptian Stuff page has now also been completely revised and updated. Dead items have been removed and the remaining items have been updated to put them in context.

1st December 2003 Hello again. It has been a long time... "The Shaft, The Subway & The Causeway" has been subjected to a major revision and update. It will hopefully provide a more fluid reading experience for new readers.

1st October 2002 We now know that hidden behind the Queen's Chamber southern shaft door is another door, and that a similar door to the first one found in the southern shaft has been found in the northern shaft. The Towers has its own ideas on what might be found at the end of the trail. See the Gantenbrink page for our musings.

26th August 2002 New report on the Great Pyramid Ventilation System added to the Gantenbrink page.

8th August 2002 Details of "Gantenbrink's Door" opening date and method to be used added to the Gantenbrink page.

4th August 2002 More Great Pyramid ventilation system reports added to the Gantenbrink page.

23rd June 2002 Not much to report on the "Gantenbrink's Door" saga other than to say that according to a producer for National Geographic television, "something should happen" in September 2002

1st May 2002 Just to let you know that the next update on the exploration of the Queens Chamber southern airshaft has been put back to early May due to work commitments.

17th April 2002 Not so much an update, more a question of letting you know that the site is still alive and to report the latest information known to The Towers on the projected exploration of the Queens Chamber southern airshaft. Last October, while attending a conference in London, Doctor Hawass stated that testing of the new NASA robot was to commence in March 2002. Nothing happened, or at least, The Towers is not aware of anything having happened. As mentioned elsewhere, we hope to have an update on the situation before the month is out.

9th December 2001 One of the most frequent questions received by Towers Online is "what's happening with Gantenbrink's door?" To answer this question, a new section has been added to the Gantenbrink page. It lists the various projects that were supposed to provide the answer (but didn't) and reports what Dr. Hawass had to say on the matter when in London on the 20th-21st October, 2001. Minor revisions have been made to the rest of the page.

30th June 2001: A new section has been added to "The Shaft, The Subway & The Causeway". This section discusses whether the "secret chambers" described by H Spencer Lewis in the appendix to his book "The Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid" (first published in 1936) actually exist. Lewis used the work of the eminent Egyptian archaeologist Selim Hassan to suggest that not only was it highly likely that a network of secret passageways and chambers exist under the Giza plateau, but that evidence of such chambers had been found by Dr. Hassan during his sixth season of work (1934/35) at Giza. In chapter 7 of his book, Lewis reproduces drawings showing how the pyramids and the Sphinx are connected with underground passageways that also lead to "long forgotten reception halls, small temples and other enclosures" (16th edition, second printing 1988, p181). In discussing Hassan's report on p190, Lewis states that the facts it contains "...verify in part at least the things indicated on the two diagrams shown in this book and undoubtedly the passing of time will verify other parts of these diagrams." The new section reveals what I believe to be the actual location of the chambers discussed by Lewis. My theory is supported with plans, diagrams, colour illustrations and descriptions reproduced from Hassan's work. Full references are provided.

3rd April 2001: A series of long-overdue technical (rather than content) updates have finally been completed. Those interested in the Great Pyramid might like to take a look at the short note added to the end of Gantenbrink Updates, but don't get too excited - it is not connected with the exploration of the so-called airshafts.

18th March 2001: The writer's eye surgery has been successfully completed. Normal service should be resumed shortly.

3rd February 2001: The site has been given a "new look" for the New Year - late as usual - and should get updated more often than was the case in 2000 due to the writer having loads of eye surgery. There's still one more minor operation to go in early March 2001 after which normal service will be resumed, including more about the "Tomb of Osiris" at Giza.

Previous Updates

9th June 2000: Page 4 of The Shaft, The Subway & The Causeway, previously only available on restricted access, has been completely rewritten and added to the main site. This page deals with diagrams reproduced by H. Spencer Lewis, past Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order showing the alleged underground layout of the Giza plateau and their uncanny similarity to the diagrams reproduced by H. C. Randall-Stevens. The diagrams themselves have already appeared on the web and in recent books This page presents a whole new angle that has not previously been published to my knowledge.

9th June 2000: Page 7 of The Shaft, The Subway & The Causeway is a new page that will contain reports on lectures and broadcasts about the so-called "Tomb Of Osiris". To start the ball rolling, The Towers On-Line presents a full account of the location as given by Doctor Zahi Hawass at the University of Pennsylvania on the 11th April 1999.

14th July 1999: This item, taken from the Illustrated London News edition of the 6th April 1935, features two breathtaking photographs of the causeway linking the Valley Temple to the Second Pyramid. The pictures were taken soon after Doctor Selim Hassan completed the clearance of the causeway during his sixth season of work at Gizeh. Don't forget to click on the small pictures in the newspaper page to see the full-size versions.

Illustrated News From Gizeh - A Causeway To The Second Pyramid

8th May 1999: On the 2nd March 1999, the FOX Television Network broadcast a programme entitled 'Opening The Lost Tombs: Live From Egypt.' The programme included a section on the shafts and chambers featured on this site under the heading 'The Shaft, The Subway And The Causeway'. Unfortunately, it was not broadcast here in the United Kingdom, nor in many other countries of the world. A full write-up of this part of the programme is now available. Ongoing technical problems have prevented the upload of pictures to accompany the item at this time.

The Shaft, The Subway & The Causeway - Opening The Lost Tombs

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