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This page contains links to some external sites dealing with the watershaft. It goes without saying that it cannot be exhaustive.

Video from TBS Television Broadcast, Japan, 26th September 2005 shows Doctor Hawass at Saqqara with some good shots inside the step pyramid of Djoser. He is also shown opening a recently excavated shaft tomb and inside the watershaft. The water level inside the third level is higher than it was following the excavation with the walls of the central enclosure being completely underwater. The video runs for ten minutes and is in japanese. In the programme Doctor Hawass says that he will use a robot to explore the small tunnel on the west side of the third level and that maybe he will find the grave of Khufu. He also draws comparisons between Djoser's pyramid at Saqqara and the Great Pyramid, saying that many tunnels have been found underneath Djoser's pyramid and that maybe there are tunnels still to be found at the Great Pyramid too. This description is my understanding of the information sent to me by Mr. Uematsu. If anyone finds this to be incorrect after watching the video please let me know - address at the bottom of the page.

Guardian's Spotlight Interview 2000 - Doctor Zahi Hawass is Doctor Hawass being interviewed by Andrew Bayuk of Guardian's Egypt on April 10th 2000. It contains a section on the watershaft.

The Mysterious Osiris Shaft Of Giza is Doctor Hawass's own description of the find as posted to his official website.

Al Ahram Weekly - Symbolic Tomb Discovered In Giza from issue no. 432, 3 - 9 June 1999.

Ananda In The Hallway Of Osiris is worth a look for the pictures but some of the text needs to be taken with a very large pinch of salt.

Zahi Hawass is the homepage of Doctor Hawass's official website.

R.I.P. Boris Said is an obituary written by John Anthony West for the man who did much to bring the watershaft to public attention.

The Rosicrucian Order is the homepage for the organisation founded by H. Spencer Lewis, author of the book "The Symbolic Prophecy Of The Great Pyramid".

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