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What is the story behind the shaft which passes through the subway under Khafre's Causeway? Is it a shaft tomb of the twenty sixth dynasty as described by Dr Selim Hassan, or does it have some connection with the ancient mystery schools of Egypt? The Shaft, The Subway and The Causeway is a series of pages that attempt to cast some light on these questions.

This series was originally written on a piecemeal basis as information became available. Writing in late November 2003, it has been revised and updated to incorporate some additional information, tie up some loose ends and hopefully make for a more fluid reading experience. If you would like to be notified of future updates (yes, more are planned!), sign up to the Shaft, Subway & Causeway Updates list. Please note that cascading style sheets are used for most of the presentational formatting. If anything looks odd to you, please let me know via the contact details at the end of most pages so that I can do something about it.

Newsflash - August 2009

The 'tunnel' leading away from the north west corner of the third level of the watershaft, or 'Tomb of Osiris' has been under renewed investigation. The following is a quote from an article posted by Dr. Hawass on 15th June 2009:

"One interesting feature of the Osiris Shaft is a narrow tunnel that extends from the northwest corner of the lowest level. This tunnel is only large enough to admit a young child at its entrance, and further along, it becomes filled with mud. In 1999, I sent a boy into the tunnel to explore it. He was able to go only 5 meters before it became too narrow for even his slight frame. In the November of 2008, television producer Richard Reisz supplied the SCA with an endoscopic camera to continue the exploration of this small tunnel. The team who carried out this effort were able to insert the endoscope only 10 meters into the tunnel before the mud inside made it impossible to go further. In December, the team returned with two self-propelled “rovers” equipped with cameras, which were able to travel further into the tunnel. At about 6.5 meters, the team discovered a branch that split off the tunnel. They were able to send the camera 10.5 meters into this branch before it became too narrow and muddy for the rovers to go any further. The team also found that the main tunnel continues to a total length of about 21 meters, where it seems to end, although it was impossible to determine this with certainty. I have been in touch with a Japanese team who plan to bring in an even more advanced robot, which should be able to continue past the points where the earlier machines were forced to stop. On Thursday, June 9th, 2009, we will begin the work of sending the new robot into the tunnel in the hope of finding out where it leads."

This has happened and Dr. Hawass spoke to a Mr. Keith Payne about the outcome during an interview on Friday 7th August. Dr. Hawass was asked "Back in June there was supposed to be further exploration of the tunnel leading out of the third level of the Osiris shaft, under Khafre’s causeway. So has the Japanese robot already done its part there? What comes next?" to which he replied "We did go over one hundred and fifty [feet] now into the shaft but we did not go to the end of it, we need maybe a snake robot because of the mud, the problem of the mud."


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